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Introducing Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

PPLI combines the power of traditional life insurance policies with an unparalled level of tax efficiency for both bankable and non-bankable assets. This combination of traits secures both financial agency and maximum discretion, placing clients in the driving seat when it comes to preserving their wealth:


How it works

The Client

You hold, own and control the policy, and appoint beneficiaries, either as a natural or legal person (corporation, foundation or trust). Initiate repurchases or make disbursements and policy changes fast. 

The Insured Person

By definition, this must be a natural person. As the client, you can appoint several insured persons under a single policy, apart from yourself. 

The Beneficiary

In the event of your death, payment is made to your nominated beneficiary. This can be either a natural or legal person(s).

The Arbiter

Grant your lawyer, trustee or any other natural person the ability to make policy changes by nominating them as arbiter.

Why choose PPLI

✓ Globally Tax Compliant

 Meets local tax regulations in most jurisdictions. 

✓ Highly Tax Efficient

 No taxation on all capital income during lifetime of policyholder.

✓ Unrivalled Control

 Retain total control and access to your assets – make changes fast.

✓ Ultimate Confidentiality: 

Achieve true transfer of wealth to life insurance – with assets held by insurance company, with no disclosure of beneficial ownership.

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