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Why Consider 2nd Citizenship

Obtaining a second nationality is perhaps one of the most IMPORTANT and life changing decisions your likely to make for you and your family and can impact your successors for generations to come. 

Citizenship For Corporate Employees

At Brookes and Partners we understand that your business faces stiff competition, risks and mission critical challenges in this time. Gaining global mobility through second citizenship programmes can provide the solutions your business needs to create further opportunities for growth and diversification, regardless of marketplace conditions.

How To Select The Right Partner For This Important Milestone

A Government
Approved Agent
Member of the Immigration Migration Council
Winner of the 2018 U-Global Citizenship Awards in LA
Ensure The Directors Frequently Visit The Units In The Respective Countries
Can Share With You Published Industry Articles In The Press
Have An Award Winning Team & There Website Provides You Their Credentials
On The Ground Local Knowledge Of The Property Investments Required
Have A Wide Variety Of Private References
Eight Years Dedicated Citizenship Processing
Use Encrypted Servers/Messaging Out Of Switzerland For Total Confidentiality
Is An Approved Intelligence Partner To Run Due Diligence
Supports Your Local Currencies & Crypto Payment

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