Citizenship For Corporate Employees Programme

At Brookes and Partners we understand that your business faces stiff competition, risks and mission critical challenges in this time. Gaining global mobility through second citizenship programmes can provide the solutions your business needs to create further opportunities for growth and diversification, regardless of marketplace conditions.

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Do you want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more?

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Obtaining citizenship by investment allows individuals and their families to apply for full citizenship of a country through a government approved investment. In doing so they can gain all the rights of a naturalised citizen, including obtaining the passport of that country.

With many countries enduring social unrest and economic volatility, having dual citizenship offers your best people the ability to live.

Benefits To Your

The Ability To Bank And Set Up Tax-Free Structures For Repatriation Of Profits

Gaining Momentum By Staying Ahead And Beating Your Competition Offshore

Establishing A Safe Haven For Your Business

The Opportunity To Invest Freely Within Various Global Markets

The Opportunity To Invest In Land And Real Estate As A Local Entity

The Ability To Take Advantage Of Generous Interest And Exchange Rates Offshore

The Opportunity To Reach Millions Of New Potential Customers

Access Exclusive Trade Channels And Make Your Business A Gateway To Global Markets

Offer Affordable Healthcare And Insurance Packages For Your Employees And Business

Visa-Free Travel Facilitates Hassle-Free Business And Relationship Building

Protect Your Business From Political And Economic Instability By Pivoting And Shifting As Needed

Ease Of Access To New Industries

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