Brookes And Partners Citizenship For Corporates Programme

At Brookes and Partners we understand that your business faces stiff competition, risks and mission critical challenges in this time. Gaining global mobility through second citizenship programmes can provide the solutions your business needs to create further opportunities for growth and diversification, regardless of marketplace conditions. 

Introducing The Ultimate Job Perk: Second Citizenship For Corporate Employees

Obtaining citizenship by investment allows individuals and their families to apply for full citizenship of a country through a government approved investment. In doing so they can gain all the rights of a naturalised citizen, including obtaining the passport of that country. 

With many countries enduring social unrest and economic volatility, having dual citizenship offers your best people the ability to live.

Benefits To Your Business

Giving your best top-tier talent the ability to be globally mobile has major benefits to your business,

The Ability To Bank And Set Up Tax-Free Structures For Repatriation Of Profits.
Gaining Momentum By Staying Ahead And Beating Your Competition Offshore.
Establishing A Safe Haven For Your Business.
Providing More Cost-Effective Healthcare And Insurance Packages For Your Employees And Your Business. And Your Business.
The Opportunity To Invest Freely Within Various Global Markets.
The Opportunity To Invest In Land And Real Estate As A Local Entity.
The Ability To Advantage Of Generous Interest And Exchange Rates Offshore.
The Opportunity To Reach Millions Of New Potential Customers.
Access To Trade Channels Otherwise Unavailable To You, And Having Your Business Become A Gateway To Wider Global Markets.
Having Visa-Free Travel Around The World Makes Forming Relationships And Doing Business Face-To-Face Virtually Hassle Free
Protection From Political And Economic Instability. Your Business Can Have The Luxury To Always Pivot And Shift, Especially In Volatile Times.
Ease Of Access To New Industries.
Super-Charging Your Business Performance Through Second Citizenship

Envision providing second citizenship opportunities to your top performers; how could any competitor of yours ever poach them from you? The value-add is so life changing for them that their loyalty to you and your business will be virtually unshakable.
You will be able to expand your reach and open markets to your company that would otherwise be globally unavailable to you. 

Making It Work Financially

These programmes are life changing, creating wide-open doorways of opportunity for both individuals and businesses. As a result, they are priced at very appropriate rates. 

At Brookes and Partners we understand that time equals profit, and thus have created a pro-rata payment plan to aid your business in accessing these benefits sooner and with greater ease.

The installment plan is paid off by the employee over a period of 5 years:

For every year your employee stays with your business, the debt is absorbed by you, the company. If at any time the employee chooses to leave your business, they must pay the remaining principal balance of their second citizenship costs.

This creates retention of your best people and incentivises them to stay and grow with the business.  

Welcome To Your Business Expansion

We look forward to supporting your business in its growth and expansion to other markets. This opportunity will unlock new opportunities for your company, while also creating the longevity, loyalty and sustainability you need in terms of your human capital base.

Download our free PDF guide here, or reach out to us below for further details on how your company can get started.