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You have an exceptional story. Here is ours.

Words by our Founder, Gareth Brookes

I was beckoned into a meeting by a close friend of mine, who happened to be one of the leading businesmen in the Middle East, whilst I was living in Kuwait... 

"You have a legal background correct?!”, he asked.

"I certainly do", I replied. 

"Right, some company is trying to offer me a second citizenship and I need your opinion as to whether this whole thing is legitimate or not…" 

Stand Out: Be Unique

Integrity, diligence and a bold, professional authenticity informs everything we do. We are truly humbled to have served over 300 families across 40 jurisdictions, including some of the wealthiest families in their respective native countries. 
And because we took the time to understand our clients’ ambitions and vision,  the company is increasingly evolving into an extension of our customers’ wealth strategies and family office planning and we are seen much more than just a company that provides citizenship services. 

An Ongoing Life Journey

When starting your journey with Brookes & Partners, we will map out a global wealth protection and Plan B strategy to safeguard your assets and protect your family for generations to come. 
Second citizenship serves as a starting point, and is usually followed by banking and offshore business services coupled with an asset protection plan to give you complete peace of mind and the vehicle to invest globally. 
Confidentiality, succession planning and a focus on minimising your exposure to geo-political risk will run at the heart of our service offering to you. 

Your Partners In
Building A Global Legacy

When it comes to your global wealth preservation, we understand that choosing the right partner is a mission-critical decision.
Whomever you decide to contract with, ensure that the firm meets the following criteria.
The firm must:

Be A Government Approved Citizenship Agency
Be An Authorised Intelligence Due Diligence Partner
Be A Vetted Member Of Investment Migration Council, The Industry Governing Body
Show Successful Longevity And Experience In This Highly Complex Field
Have A Legitimate, Industry Leading Social Media Presence. Our Instagram Serves 60,000+ Followers, And Our Linkedin Page Keeps 35,000 Followers Informed
Ensure That Their Directors Frequently Visit The Countries And Relevant Citizenship Units They Promote
Genuine Reference Clients, Especially From Your Native Country
Frequently Be Mentioned In The International Press
Have Won Coveted Awards At Industry Recognition Ceremonies (U-Global Awards - LA 2018)
Have Global Reach Through An International Office And Personnel Footprint
Have Indemnity Insurance Cover In Place To Protect Your Fees. Any Unlikely Arbitration Should Be Subject To English Law To Protect All Parties Concerned
Be Able To Present Excellent Bank References And Directors’ Credentials On Request

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